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Our Products

Our clients utilise our hand fabricated bags for a wide range of products from food ingredients to medical & pharmaceutical, chemicals and compounds, inks, resins, adhesives/sealants and the transportation and control of waste products.

Our specialist hand fabrication team have the expertise to provide bespoke large format foil bags for export packing. We offer many customers guaranteed reassurance of moisture barrier protection for delicate transportation of sensitive products from large dimension electronic equipment to low volume, high value cosmetics ingredients.

HAND SEALER Compact and easy-to-operate hand sealer for professional closing of heat-sealable materials.
FLEXIBILITY AND EASY HANDLING: With this portable hand-held device you can seal heat seal-compatible plastic fi lm and materials such as coated aluminium foil, coated paper or coated cellulose fi lm easily and fl exibly. The PTFE-coated models hpl WSZ TB prevent the materials from sticking on the sealing bars.

Do you require Liquid Liners for IBC's?

Take a look at our BSi registered manufacturing capabilities and the benefits of using our design and specialist consultancy services.

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